I have been producing curatorial projects since late 2010. Pursing that passion, I began studing more formally under Mark Tribe at Brown University the following year. Since then, I have earned a Master’s Degree, (co)founded 2 Brooklyn galleries, become a teacher and mentor, created over 80 exhibitions with more than 300 artists, and been reviewed in places in like New York Magazine, The Creator’s Project, Cool Hunting, The New York TimesArt in America, and Hyperallergic.

I’ve (co) founded two art galleries: OUTLET Fine Art and Associated Gallery.

Past projects include exhibitions with Creative Time, Codify Art, PostPrint Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, Imprint Projects, Nurture Art, New York Foundation for the Arts: Immigrant Artists Program, Saffronart, and St. John’s University. And the list is growing...

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