In early 2016 I began to develop a relationship with a new and abmitous collective: Codify Art. Together we presented their first gallery exhibition. 

CODIFY ART is a Brooklyn-based collective of multidisciplinary artists whose mission is to create, produce, and showcase work that foregrounds the voices of people of color, particularly those of women and queer people of color.

This is Work. A reaction to present realities, a mirror to identities both projected onto and embodied by alterity. The work of inhabiting an identity. It is declarative; it is a claiming of space by queer, POC bodies through the art object. Through manifold mediums and styles, CODIFY confronts the multiplicity of its constituents, its greater communities, and society at large. As an exhibition, Work. is a stand in for these selves; Work. is a representative, an icon, an effigy. Through bodies and permanent impressions on paper, repurposed imagery and cloaked soundscapes, CODIFY investigates, as individuals, the diversity and nuance within an identifier and upholds, as a collective, its larger histories.