Work with Julian

Define Your Vision

As a seasoned creative in New York City I’ve worked across a range of media and projects, but I spealize in defining and articulating visions. 
Curate and Collect

I work with artists and patrons to build meaningful exhibitions and collections. Tapping into global currents, I use an empathetic process to help enunciate complicated thoughts. Whether making an exhibition or advising on strategic aquisitions, I embrace a curator’s larger role of empowering others through self-awareness and revelation.

Such as ︎

                                 Case in point︎

Brand Development and Copy Writing

Telling a compelling story is the most important tool for reaching others. It requires careful observation and a deep well of empathy. I work with a variety of clients to articulate their aims in carefully considered language to generate meaningful returns.
Be Collaborative

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Every project is a negotiation between stakeholders. Besides all that, it can be more fun when the right dynamics are in place. If you have an awesome idea and are looking for a partner reach out! Even if I’m not the right fit, chances are I probably know someone who is. 

Actually me ︎