Politcal Economy of Corporate Swag

2015 - Ongoing

In early 2014, I was invited by artist/curator Sessa Englund along with Millie Kapp and Georgria Wall to participate in the second edition of Cura, a semi-annual exhibition that examines the position of artists who curate. For each exhibition she invites three artists to work together to create a collaborative show born out of conversation between the participating artists. Each show is accompanied by an essay on the subject by an invited author.

As a collective we began to investigate the concept of epistemology, and my resulting project was concerned primarily with the interplay between corporatations and culture. Grounding this is my fascination with the ways in which good intentions can often subvert themselves. I created an open project called the Political Economy of Corporate Swag as a way to explore these relationships by creating ironic “what-if” organizations on hot button politcal issues, and then developing a web presence and branded swag for each one. The swag was arranged into various shapes and offered to exhibition attendies as free take aways. Here I intended to covertly bring these political issues into peoples lives, in the same way that many brands find their way into our domestic visual space.The imagined coversations around the items taken completes the artwork. 

Selections from this series were shown at Roomservice Gallery as part of CURA: Epistemic Two-Step. An interview about the show appeard in Whitehot Magazine available to read here.

Islamic Fundamentalists For Historic Preservation, 2015
72 Value White Ceramic Mugs - 11 oz. with burgundy imprint
Ed. at artist's discretion + 1AP
Dimensions Variable
Mugs are free

Mogadishu Yacht Club, 201572 White Poly Blend Golf Towels with process blue imprint
Ed. at artist's discretion + 1AP
Dimensions Variable
Towels are free

Corpo De Engenheiros Gaúcho,2015
500 Wooden Natural Finish Rulers 12" with green imprint
Ed. at artist's discretion +1AP
Dimensions Variable
Rulers are free