My New York

Anonymous silk screens on cotton
My New York, is visual poem and an ideosyncratic engagement with the sociopolitical changes occuring in New York City after 2007. In Chinatown, I purchased these ubiquitous tourist t-shirts, the first three of which captialize on the grimmy 1970s image of New York City as both violent metropolitan center and as a rebelious cultural hub. The fourth panel is phrase that gained popularity on the internet in 2008 (referencing a 2001 film, Zoolander) as a way of expressing disinterest in someone’s lengthly personal narrative. Together the panels form a condensed history of the city’s transformation into a corporately homogenous hollow shell.

The work was first shown at Mellow Pages library in Bushwick during 2014 Bushwick Open Studios, however due to it’s agressive tone, which some found threatening, it was removed.