Mischief Makers

2018Found Wood, upcycled bike innertubes, twine/rope/lace/etc., ceramic ball bearings
Dimensions Variable
From the bibilical story of David and Goliath to Bart Simpson, the slingshot is an item imbued with a certain type of upsetters’ promise.  It appears to inhere some sort of mischief. Etymologically the English word “mischief” comes from the Old French verb meschever, from mes- ‘adversely’ and chever ‘come to an end’ (from chef ‘head’). With a growing disparity between those with power and those without, direct action is often a succesful, though potentially dangerous tactic. Concurrenty, I felt the need to address the mania of toxic masculinity and gun ownerhship that permeates American culture, often with horrific consequences. To this effect, I settled on the slingshot as a sufficent metaphor for the type of proletarian mischief I wished to see more of in the world, handcrafting them by collecting recently downed branches on dérives through my neighborhood and stringing them with castoff intertubes from my local bikeshop.

These works are available for purchase or commission. Inquire for more details.